Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Review: MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

The first thing I really have to write about here is a new product from MAC called Studio Sculpt Foundation.

I have to start this off by saying that generally speaking, I am not a fan of liquid foundations. All of my experience with liquid foundations in the past have been mismatched colours, cakey feeling, oily, greasy, obviously makeup, horribleness. Every time I’ve worn liquid foundation in the past has felt like wearing clown’s greasepaint smeared on my face. I have dry skin but foundation always left it feeling oily. It always made my face hot and the feel of sweating under a thick mask of makeup… well, it’s not good. I hate the feel, I hate the look. Because of all of this, until now I’ve stuck to wearing powder or mineral foundation – which has still been a chore due to my very fair skin tone. I’ve had a hell of a time trying to find foundation that suits my “natural colouring”. More often than not, the lightest shade of a line is still even marginally too dark for me, so I have to use a very very light touch when dusting it onto my face.

So it could be said that I never expected to be giving a positive review to any foundation, let alone a liquid one. But people, there is a first time for everything, and this foundation has actually spurned in me the idea to start a beauty blog. I found myself trawling Yahoo Answers this weekend to sing the praises of this foundation to anybody who posted a “What foundation should I buy?” question. This foundation is really *that* amazing.

First of all, it has an SPF factor of 15 built in, which isn’t really high protection but at least it’s something, and a girl’s face can use all the protecting it can get. It’s gel-based so it’s really light-feeling and not greasy at all. It blends beautifully and you can apply as much or as little as you like depending on the coverage you want. If you just brush on a thin layer, it gives you a beautifully flawless and slightly dewy complexion that looks more like natural good skin than makeup. If you add a little more you can up your coverage to mask more imperfections.

But to me the best part about this foundation is that it doesn’t feel like wearing makeup. To me anyway, it doesn’t feel any heavier than the moisturizer I put on every morning. It doesn’t look like makeup, it doesn’t feel like makeup – and so far, it doesn’t rub off like makeup either.

While I’m at it, I have to say that MAC’s shade range is fantastic as well. I had serious doubts as to whether I would ever find “MY SHADE” but when I went into MAC and asked the sales assistant, she tried two colours on me and boom – the second one was simply perfect. So I would also strongly urge that instead of just guessing at your shade and undertone and whatnot and ordering online blindly, please go into a MAC store if there is one available to you. Getting an expert’s help can be the real difference between falling in love with The Perfect Foundation and just becoming seriously irritated.

Honestly, I cannot sing the praises of this foundation enough. If you’re looking for a new foundation and want something that just looks natural instead of caked-on-fake, please give this a try. It’s so totally worth it. In total I'd give it a score of NINE OUT OF TEN. Even my favourite powder foundation can't measure up to that!

That’s it for now but please check back soon because I’ve already got a few more reviews in mind that need to be written up, so they’ll be coming soon.

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