Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Review: MAC Microfine Refinisher

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Today I really need to talk about my favourite skincare product. It’s a new discovery to me but is already a necessary part of my routine.

I finally discovered a facial scrub that really exfoliates and does what it says it does. In the past I’ve tried exfoliators from Avon, Clinique, a million drugstore brands, and even the ever-infamous St Ives Apricot scrub.

I have to get off topic here for a minute and say that, as hyped up as the Apricot Scrub is, as many people worship it and will force it upon anybody looking for a good facial scrub – it does not work. At least, it didn’t for me. I would have to physically scrub and scrub and scrub my face with half a bottle of that stuffat once in order to get any results at all. And even then, it just hurt and didn’t leave my face feeling clean and smooth and soft. I still had an abundance of dry skin left over that it just didn’t touch. If I were reviewing it, which I might do later, I would only give it two out of ten, that’s how much I hate it.

Anyway, I’ve tried tons of different brands and “formulas” but nothing really did the job. I tend to get really dry and flaky skin on my nose, sometimes also in my T-zone and cheeks, depending on the weather and how my skin is “feeling” at any given time. I needed an exfoliator that would actually remove that dry dead skin. None of them “felt” abrasive enough to me, but I persevered and gave everything a fare chance, finished up each tube – I hate wasting money, even if it’s on bad skincare products. And every single one either did nothing to help, or just wound up “disturbing” the dry skin, pulling it up without actually removing it, and just made it look even worse than if I hadn’t bothered in the first place.

Now, though my problems have basically disappeared, which I attribute to two things: the moisturizer I’ve been using for the past couple of months (Although I’m still not convinced it’s quite moisturizing enough for me… but we’ll see) and MAC’s Microfine Refinisher.

After using this product once, I was sold. I even marched into my aunt’s bedroom (I live with her) and made her touch my face to feel how amazingly soft it was. I usually have at least a small degree of roughness over my nose and cheeks. But damn! The words “baby” and “bottom” come to mind.

The exfoliating particles (I heard somewhere that it’s “crystals” whatever that means) are super fine, hence the name I guess, you can’t even see them. But let me tell you, you can definitely feel them. This scrub is very abrasive, and I wouldn’t recommend that people with really sensitive skin go to town on their face with it, but I personally like to be able to feel it. It lets me know my skin is definitely getting a good scrubbing and that layer of dead skin is being sloughed away.

I use it wet, but I’ve heard from a few reliable sources that it’s less abrasive if you use it on dry skin instead. Either way, you definitely do not want to over-scrub with it, because if you do, you will go red, your skin will look and feel raw, and it will hurt.

All in all though, I like the level of abrasiveness in this product, and it leaves my skin feeling totally amazing. I give this product TEN out of TEN, and I seriously doubt that any exfoliator on the market can even begin to compare (But I’m open to trying them out so if you have suggestions please let me know). I highly, highly recommend it, with the advice that you need to go easy with it, and if I had to give up my entire skincare collection, this one product I would hide away for safekeeping!

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