Thursday, 14 January 2010

In & Outs!

So I’m long overdue for an update here, and while I’m still working on getting photos and mini reviews for my Best Of 2009 post (which will be a demi-epic in its own right and if I go ahead and make a video it’ll probably be a 3-parter haha), I thought I’d do a little In & Out for you all.


Holidays! This year has been great for travelling. I haven’t been anywhere outside of this area of England for three years, but in 2009 I managed to get back to my hometown for a much-needed visit with my friends and family, and spent two amazing weeks in Cancun. It’s definitely given me the urge to keep travelling and see as much of the world as I can. And now’s the time to do it, while I’m still young! The next year-and-a-bit will see more travelling, although not as much “seeing the world” as I’d originally hoped. I was hoping to finally get to go to Japan or at the very least on a girly tropical holiday with a friend or two, but instead I’ll be making TWO trips back to my hometown. And you know what, I’m really excited about that! First I’ll be spending 3 weeks in July over there, just in time for my best guyfriend’s birthday. And then I’ll be going back for two weeks in February 2011 for my little sister’s wedding. Which means I’ll get to experience both a proper Calgarian summer AND winter, and I can’t wait!

Starbucks vanilla lattes. Why did I not try one of these before? I’ve had vanilla coffee before, but never a vanilla latte from Sbucks (usually I go for frapuccinos or mochas). A-maze-ing. That is all.

Blush! Before this time last year, I almost never wore blush. Now it’s turning into an obsession and I can’t wait for the new BPB’s that are being released with MAC’s All Races… collection next month!

Branching out and trying new makeup brands. By this I’m speaking primarily of Barry M and Sleek. I never tried either of these brands until recently, but now I’m in love with them both and NEED to expand my collection. Sleek’s palettes are fabulous and their shadows are SO pigmented. And at under £6 per palette, they’re definitely affordable and great value for money. And Barry M’s Dazzle Dusts are beautiful and SO pigmented! However, people rave about the price of Barry M as opposed to MAC… well in UK £ Sterling terms, Barry M dazzle dusts cost just under a third of what a fullsize MAC pigment costs from their website. But they’re so much smaller that I have to wonder if you’re actually saving any money ounce for ounce in the long run? Regardless, they have a great range of colours and I’m in lust with them right now. The pressed bronzing powder is great too, adds a bit of warmth and colour to an otherwise washed-out complexion, without looking dirty or too overdone or dark. Big pluses!

Interior Decorating. I’m on a big kick right now and want to completely redo my bedroom. I’m having trouble deciding on a colour scheme though (Do I want black, white, or maple wood furniture?? What about walls? Carpet? Co-ordinating throws and shelving units?) but I’m looking forward to a redesign. The wardrobe, dresser and bedside table set I bought when I moved into my aunt’s house nearly two years ago are basically falling apart (cheap particle board doesn’t take well to all of the crap I stuff into/on it, and being completely disassembled and moved across the city. Not at all). So this kind of sparked the urge to do something different and make my room more My Own rather than What I Could Afford In A Pinch At The Time. It’s going to be a bit expensive, since I want to get some solid wood furniture that will LAST (so I don’t have to replace everything AGAIN in two years’ time or when I move out and get my own place), but it’ll be an investment and totally worth it in the long run.

Swapping! I’m in the midst of shopping for a swap with a pretty well-known Makeup Guru and Beauty Blogger. I’ve never done a swap before and it’s so much fun shopping for makeup for someone else, especially for someone who is as into makeup as you are! I’m hoping to do more of this in the future, it’s great – and a good way for me to get my hands on some products that aren’t widely available in the UK. Yay!


The weather! Holy crap, England is getting typical Canadian weather on and off right now. It’s been snowing on and off for ages, and my company had to shut it’s offices early last week due to the snow causing havoc. Luckily the first day I’d had off anyway, but the city’s bus companies took ALL services off by 10:30 in the morning – now, I live an hour’s commute away from work and had I come in there’s no way I would have been able to get home again. I love the snow, but English snow is wetter and therefore more disruptive than the snow I’m used to dealing with in Canada. It basically turns straight to ice. Not good!

Somewhat related to the above, the second is my total and utter lack of grace. I am a clumsy fool and for the most part I’m okay with that (after 23 years I’m used to tripping over nothing and getting bruises all over my body from walking into a desk or doorframe) but combined with the icy mess surrounding my house, I managed to slip and fall 5 times just walking to the end of my culdesac and around the corner – and the 5th time, I whacked my head and had to stumble home in tears. So between the weather and my clumsy nature, I’m sufficiently fed up of winter now.

Work. It was around the same time that I came to the astonishing realization that I LOVE MY JOB that the company I work for decided to play a little game with me and move me onto a call centre. Thanks, Large Multinational Finance Corporation Who Shall Remain Nameless! I hate it hate it hate it. But for the next week or so I’m not taking calls since they’re having me do this online learning course for some certification that probably isn’t even recognized by any other companies. Bleh.

Breaking my cellphone. Yep, I dropped it at work at the beginning of the week and it’s totally beyond repair. I took the battery out and put it back in to try to kickstart it, and it started overheating so bad I burned my fingers and was convinced the battery pack was going to explode. I’m not eligible for an upgrade and new free phone from my provider until April, so in the meantime I’m using my old phone. Which is all swell and grand (and although I’m downgraded from a 5MP to a 3.2MP camera, the old one actually takes better, cleaner shots?), but it can’t accept picture messages and I have no games on it and the web browser isn’t as good, so limited Facebooking-on-the-bus for me! Aw man, I’ve lost eBuddy too. FAIL. I shoulda sold the new one to the dude at work who wanted it while the offer was on the table. I would have been in the same situation, but with £80 in my pocket (or rather, MAC’s pocket).

Dry hair! Because it’s so cold and because the heating is on ALL the time due to the chilly temperatures, my hair is not in its best condition. I’ve been using more conditioner to compensate, and making sure to be extra careful with heat-protection when I’m styling, but it could still be better. Same goes for my skin, I haven’t had skin this bad in a long time, so I’m having to spend more time than usual exfoliating and lathering on the body butter. But damn, I haven’t smelled quite THIS amazing in a while, so maybe it’s a good thing haha.

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