Thursday, 13 August 2009

Poll Time!

Hey guys!

So, I want your opinion on something. I'm putting it up as a poll on the sidebar so vote there, but feel free to also post a comment if you want to elaborate on your response aside from a generic "yes/no"

The question is: Do you depot your MAC quads?

This is out of general curiosity but also because I myself am not sure whether I want to depot my quads or not. I know for certain my Hello Kitty quads are staying in their pretty packaging, but if I depot my Fafi quad I can use it to carry around the colours I'm wearing that day (which is also a vote for depotting quads because what if I'm using colours from different quads?).

But, I have... 13 quads, not counting my HK ones. So that will fill 3 and a half 15-pan palettes on their own haha. It'll save space though, and I like the idea of being able to organize them by colour instead of by the quads, mostly since I know I have a lot of varying colours, but I generally stick to my own palettes or just grab a quad and use it, instead of mixing and matching. Wheras if the colours are together I'll be more likely to USE the colours in different ways.

Yet, on the other hand, I kind of like having my collection of quads, even if they are taking up space.

I'm kind of thinking out loud at this point and I'm indecisive. But yeah, I'm curious - do you depot your quads? All of them, or just some? And if you do, do you keep the empty quad palette or do you B2M it?

Thanks guys!
Vix xox

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