Monday, 27 April 2009


The P Stands for Payday.

Sometimes I don't think I'll ever get used to being paid monthly. Back when I lived in Canada, bi-monthly was the norm. However, when I helped out at my mom's workplace while I was in high school, I was paid at the end of the working day. Which, quite frankly, rocked hard. Then when I moved here and started temping, we got paid weekly. Which was again, awesome.

Now, I get paid at the end of each month, and to be brutally honest, sometimes I totally suck at budgeting. Even though I'm making a lot more money now than I did when I was temping, at the end of the month it feels like I've got nothing at all. I find it impossible to break my monthly pay down into 4 or 5 "weeks". Instead, the day I get paid I already know what money has to go where and budget accordingly. A amount for my Direct Debits and Travel money. B amount for my rent. C amount for food and incidentals. D amount for MAC. And, this month there's also E to pay off last month's credit card bill, and F to pay the deposit for my trip to Cancun. Next month I get to pay off my flights to Canada - all I can say is THANK GOD for the overtime I'll be getting at the end of May because seriously. It was a good hundred pounds more than the last time I went to Canada. Stupid inflation.

Anyway, I'm digressing. The whole point of this post was not really to rant about my finances (I mean, I'm always saying how I'm broke, but I'm paying off two vacations by September, so that's probably why=P)

The point of this post is to rant about MAC instead.

When I get paid, the first thing that springs to mind is the urge to go on MAC's website and compile a shopping list to take to my local MAC Counter (Meadowhall). The problem is, I'm also trying to save so I've got extra spending money when I go to Canada, so I've got a specific amount of money each month that is free to spend on makeup. So, however much I'm lemming the 109 and the 134 brushes, I can't. Because unfortunately, my entire MAC fund this month needs to be set aside for Rose Romance.

And there's also the fact that I'm on a strict No-buy until my Pro card comes. Why should I pay full price for things when I can use my card to get the discount? Exactly. The Pro card also means no more trips to my MAC counter, since they only take it at freestanding stores. So it's looking like all my MAC purchasing for the forseeable future will be mail-order on the Pro phone line. I'm just hoping the card gets here in time for Rose Romance (I've got the number already but not the card)

Rose Romance is released in the UK next Thursday (the 7th of May) and my shopping list, while I have cut it down, is still somewhat... expansive.

So far I've managed to get it down to:
Et Tu, Bouquet? Eyeshadow
Of Summer Eyeshadow
Blush of Youth Beauty Powder
Summer Rose Beauty Powder
Just a Pinch Gel Blush
Circa Plum Pigment
Mutiny Pigment
Secret Crush See-Thru Lip Colour
Loving Touch See-Thru Lip Colour
Tender Tryst See-Thru Lip Colour
Love and Friendship nail laquer (and I might pick up a second one of these for a contest prize later)

Sigh. Originally I also wanted two lipglasses, two lipsticks and another eyeshadow, so I've cut it down a BIT.

Finally, my first NYX lot sale haul came in the mail yesterday =] (the second should be here from America in a couple weeks) I'll post my haulage if and when my phone/computer will allow me to transfer pictures. I'm starting to get annoyed by this. Grr.

Anyway, what are you guys getting from this collection? I'm still on the fence about the eyshadows but I haven't decided yet. I need to go on the hunt for dupes.

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  1. i doubt the pro discount can be applied to collections right?