Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sugarsweet and Colour Ready are Live!

Just a quick note to let all my lovelies know that the Sugarsweet and Colour Ready collections are up on MAC's UK site as of right now!

I've already placed my order but I'll post about that once I've got everything and will do a haul post/video.

Good news is that it looks like the Transparent Finishing Powder and the Prep + Prime Line Filler from the CR collection are permanent - there are only a couple of items in the collection that have the Triangle Of Death. Which makes me happy, since I've been psyched about the Finishing Powder and if it's as good as I've heard it could fast become a staple.

The Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone, however, IS Limited, and sounds like a great product - makes large pores disappear? I'm sold - so if you want it make sure to snatch it up while you can. Aside from that, the only other Limited Edition item in the whole collection is Bitter eyeshadow, a bright lemon-lime colour. I could've sworn it was permanent before, but I can't be sure...

Also according to MAC's website, the only lipstick from the Sugarsweet collection that is Limited Edition is Sweet Thing, the bright pink one. The other four have no Triangle of Death. Interesting. Could it be that Lollipop Loving has earned its right to be permanent? And Saint Germain, the perfect matte bubblegum muted baby pink could really be available for always?

MAC, you spoil me.

But seriously, you NEED to make the 226 permanent too. The makeup universe begs it of you!

Don't quote me on this because it's entirely possible that I'm wrong and the LE symbols are simply missing from the website. But how hard would it rock if I was right?

I was also relieved to discover that Stars N' Rockets isn't going Limited after all. It's a colour that I'm after, but hasn't reached the top of my list just yet, so I figured I could hold off on that one. But the other day, I could not find it on the website. Even a vague search for "rocket" was giving me zilch, so I was beginning to think they'd made it Limited and were taking it out of the Permanent line completely. BUT that doesn't look to be the case, which makes me a happy bunny.

Happy April Fool's Day!

If MAC send me an email telling me this was all an elaborate joke for April Fool's Day, and the order wasn't really processed and I still have to wait until next week before I can buy anything, I am going to be SO PISSED.

XOXO, Vix =]

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