Monday, 9 March 2009

All Hope Is Not Lost!

First things first, here's the text-version I promised you guys, for the YouTube video embedded in the previous post.

I had been waiting with bated breath for the release of the Hello Kitty collection. Even though I knew it wasn't due for release until Thursday March 5th, I found myself checking the website during my lunch hour, checking it after work just before I left, checking it again multiple times at night - I really, really did not want to miss it.

Last Wednesday, the day before the official UK release date, Hello Kitty went live on MAC's website. I was just about to leave work, had my coat on and ready to head out, but while I waited for my friend to finish getting ready to go, I checked the website. And there it was. And the feeling that overcame me was something between childish glee - and abject panic. I was about to leave work and didn't think I would have time to place an order, so I very nearly left it until I got home. But my friend was taking her time, so I decided to order.

And ladies (and James), let me tell you, it was a big order. I was so excited and as I went home it was all I could think about. I'd ordered my Hello Kitty items! Huzzah!

Of course, it turned out to be a good (and bad) thing that I had ordered online before heading home. My bus was majorly delayed due to an "incident" in one of the neighbourhoods it has to pass through, and had to go through this INSANELY PACKED police detour. (The incident involved, by the way... all of us on the bus heard/thought someone had been shot and when we saw a bundle of white up the street we all thought it was the body. No, turns out, someone was stabbed in the arm and the bundle of white was just a duvet, haha). All the while my aunts were texting me - we were supposed to meet some friends at a restaurant for dinner at six. In the end, they picked me up across the street from my home bus stop and we headed straight out - I didn't get home until after 8ish and by that time things on the website had started selling out.

It was at this time that I decided to order the rest of the items - the glitter eyeliners and a couple of other things that I was after, such as Eye Kohl in Fascinating, and a Bare Study paint pot. After this, I also ordered the two makeup bags that hadn't been in my first two orders. I was excited beyond belief - I was getting one of everything from the HK collection, bar three accessories that I wasn't interested in anyway. Score!

BUT then came Thursday.

I had a missed call on my mobile phone and a voicemail. Because I was at work I couldn't answer the phone, but at noon I checked my voicemail - it was a lady named Sandy at MAC Online, asking that I call her back about my order, and that "the other would not be released" until she had spoken to me. Immediately I started to panic kind of... Thinking she was calling to tell me I couldn't get some of the items. Which then turned from panic to slight annoyance - nothing was sold out when I'd ordered it so if they were telling me now that it was, I would not be a happy bunny.

I tried calling her back. No dice - I kept getting through to voicemail. I left one message, but I kept calling back and there was no answer. Eventually I called MAC Online's main customer service number, and explained to them what was going on. She got through to the first person's team and asked one of them to call me back. About an hour and a half later, I finally got a callback.

Basically, because it was a big order (and was in three sections, haha), and because the delivery address is different from my billing address, they wanted to do some extra security checks. We went through all of that - which was kind of funny, because she asked me why it was three orders (I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted and didn't want), why it was being sent to an alternate address (nobody where I live is home during the day, so I send packages to my grandparents' house since they're retired and at home to accept them for me), and then asked "Why did you order so much? Is it for personal or business use?" It made me laugh and I explained that it was just one of everything from the HK collection (which she'd see if she looked at the actual order...)

Anyway that was done and when I got home that night I checked their website and the order status had been changed from Processing to In Warehouse, to be packed. So I was very happy.

Until the next day, when I received an email in late afternoon telling me that "Due to the extreme demand of our Hello Kitty collection, the following items were sold out by the time the order was sent to our warehouse."

NOT. Happy.

I placed my order within the first hour or so that the collection was on their website, it was delayed by THEM and not me, and because of that delay I couldn't get 13 items on my order. I Called to complain but was put through to somebody to just tell me which items weren't being sent. Sigh. Eventually I managed to get an address for some manager lady to send a complaint to. I've written a letter of complaint and am sending it this week. I just really do not think it's cool that the delay was on their end and nobody bothered to reserve the items for me pending the security checks - had they not done them in the first place there would have been no issues with my order.

The GOOD news and happy ending to this story, is that when I got home that night I called my local MAC counter (at Meadowhall in Sheffield, those chicks rock out loud!) and explained my situation, and the girl I spoke to went through my "missing items" list and put away everything that wasn't being sent. The only thing I couldn't get was the mirrored key clip, but I can live without that.

So, I've got my first HK haul! I've put a video on youtube, which I will put on here when I get a chance, and will upload haul details with photos and swatches later.

Hopefully more to come soon! The two makeup bags have been dispatched already and should come soon, but the two makeup orders are still showing as In Warehouse - and this makes me a little nervous. So fingers crossed that there are no more issues, and I'll post them when they get here.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! =]


  1. Ooo you've scared me now!!
    I picked a couple of things up in store on Friday, but ordered the cute-ster lipstick yesterday online!!
    The order status is 'in warehouse' today so I'm hoping I'll get it! xx

  2. It should be okay, actually. The lipstick is still showing as in stock on the website now =]. And my orders, which have been "In Warehouse" since last Thursday have finally been shipped. I got my confirmation emails first thing this morning to say they'd been dispatched yesterday. So you shouldn't have a problem, it looks like things are running a bit more smoothly now =] xx