Friday, 27 March 2009

A Little Test

So last night, while talking to the fabulous Liz of Sweets4UK we came upon the subject of eyeshadow primers, and Urban Decay Primer Potion vs Paint Pots.

This led to a little experiment today. I've done my makeup for the day and have used Urban Decay Primer Potion and MAC Bare Study Paint Pot to prime one eye - and used only the Paint Pot on the other eye - basically to see if the paint pots are good enough on their own, or if UDPP will really make a difference.

I don't have any before shots yet because I ran out of time this morning before I left for work, but I'll update with after shots when I get home after work (and try to get a before shot in the next hour or so).

So, let's see how this goes!

Edit: Ugh. I just remembered that I left my mobile phone at home this morning so I won't get to do *any* before shots. Still, the afters should speak for themselves, if one eye looks worse than the other.

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