Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Current MAC Wishlist

I'm bored so I'm going to post my To Buy list. I'm leaving out future Limited Edition collection items because, let's face it, that may or may not change and will just make this huge!

I warn you now, this is pretty long as it is: but bear with me because I'm new to buying MAC, remember. Most of it is for the eyes, which is the area I generally spend the most time and effort on.

So, here we go.

Note: Starred (*) items are limited edition but they're from previous collections and I really want them.

109: Contouring Brush
134: Large Powder Brush
227: Fluff Brush
219: Pencil Brush
231: Small Shader
And a decent concealer brush for the undereye area: any suggestions?

Blot Powder: Light
Powder Blush: Dollymix
Powder Blush: Springsheen
Powder Blush: Tenderling
Powder Blush: Dame
Blushcreme: Posey
Blushcreme: Lilicent
Iridescent Powder/Loose: Silver Dusk
Mineralize Blush: Gentle
Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50
Studio Sculpt Concealer: NC15

Lipstick: Shy Girl
Lipstick: Angel
Lipstick: High Strung
Lipstick: Frou
Lipstick: Myth (Can't decide between this and Frou)
Lipstick: Taupe
Lipstick: Velvet Teddy
Lipstick: Patisserie
Cremesheen Glass: Partial to Pink*
Cremesheen Glass: Melt In Your Mouth*
Cremesheen Glass: Boy Bait
Tinted Lipglass: Prrr
Tinted Lipglass: Nymphette
Tinted Lipglass: Spirited

Eyeshadow: Sketch
Eyeshadow: Shale
Eyeshadow: Carbon
Eyeshadow: Electra
Eyeshadow: 100 Strokes*
Eyeshadow: French Cuff*
Eyeshadow: Femme Fi*
Eyeshadow: Purple Haze
Eyeshadow: Shroom
Eyeshadow: Haux
Eyeshadow: Steamy
Eyeshadow: Juxt
Eyeshadow: Humid
Eyeshadow: Swimming
Paint Pot: Painterly
Paint Pot: Fresco Rose
Fluidline: Shade
Fluidline: Dipdown
Fluidline: Macroviolet
Eye Kohl: Minted
Eye Kohl: Phone Number
Eye Kohl: Teddy
Powerpoint Eye Pencil: Prussian
Powerpoint Eye Pencil: Stubborn Brown
Powerpoint Eye Pencil: Tealo
Brow Finisher: Clear
Eye Brows: Fling
Lash: 7
Lash: 20
Lash: 32

Where to begin? Just about everything =P
It's really not worth making a separate list of these, it'd be too long.

Other Items
Studio Mouisture Cream
[heard it's amazing, need to try]

Wow, that was longer than even I thought it would be. =/


  1. I need to make a list too!! Whats the 231 for? I have the 227 and I like it and its super soft, but I don't LOVE it yet...but its still good to have.

  2. hehe the 231 is good for like blending out or smudging kohl liner and stuff =] xx