Friday, 13 March 2009

Much More to Come

Dude, it finally came. And everything I had ordered (minus the stuff they already told me was out of stock and I bought separately anwyay) was included! I was so expecting for things to be missing, but no, everything was there. It was almost overwhelming, haha.

Anyway, my lack of updates (aside from the easy old colour collection dealies I've posted the past few days) is due to two things: a four-day migraine headache that had me so debilitated, I couldn't remember how to spell "legislation" while I was trying to do work; and the impending move! Luckily the headache finally went away last night, and most of the "This has to be done by Thursday night!!" work for the move has been done, so it's more chilled. SO I will have more blogging and more videos for you soon.

So anyway, just giving you all a little bit of an update. Watch this space; I'll have a haul (with pics this time) blog/video up for you this weekend =]

Vix xox

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