Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Sugarsweet Wishlist

I had a hard time narrowing down this list. MAC appealed to my domestic, cupcake-loving side when they announced the Sugarsweet collection. In the beginning I was convinced I needed everything! Then, I cut out the permanent items. And now, finally, I've had to reason with myself and force myself to cut out things I don't need.

For example, I don't need any dark lipsticks - dark doesn't work for me. I don't need more sheer lipglosses right this minute, just because they're tri-coloured. And I know I'd go insane once the colours mixed. I'd rather spend that money on some dazzleglass, or lipglass colours I love.

So my final list is below:

Lipstick: Bubbles
Lipstick: Lollipop Loving
Lipstick: Saint Germaine
Shadestick: Cakeshop
Shadestick: Butternutty
Shadestick: Lemon Chiffon
Shadestick: Red Velvet
Shadestick: Penny
MSF: Perfect Topping

All in all, I'm figuring the cost to be just over £100, which is reasonable to me. Considering what I spent in the month of March. My impulse buy with Hello Kitty definitely taught me a lesson - be more discerning. I need to ask myself questions like "Do you really need a bright tangerine-orange lipgloss?" or "You have three hot-pink lipsticks that you NEVER WEAR. Do you honestly need a fourth?"

Still, it did jumpstart my collection. I may sell-swap the things I decide I don't love (I'm struggling even to have a grudging respect for Nice to be Nice lipglass right now) but for now, eh, the damage is done, I'll get over it.

Sorry there haven't been any videos either. I've been busyyy. And exhausted. I could fall asleep right now. I didn't even get a chance to sleep in this weekend, it sucked out loud. But, I digress.

More soon! I'm just thanking the Flying Spaghetti Monster that it's payday on Friday.

I need to get my hands on some more MAC. It really is an addiction. Ehehe. But I'm holding out for Sugarsweet for now. I've made a plan to buy 1-2 brushes per pay period (ie: month) but not sure it'll happen this month. Which is okay I guess since I technically bought 4+3 last month (4 brushes plus the HK set) so I'm ahead of the game.

ANYway I realize I'm rambling now so I'll leave off here.

Muchlove, chickadees!

Xoxo Vix


  1. so what is your first brush on your wishlist?
    Im thinking of Lollipop loving and sweet thing and the 3 light shade sticks :)

  2. Hehe, well there are two brushes that are at the top right now. The 109 for foundation, since I use the HK one right now but want the real thing desperately! Then, I also want the 134 large powder brush, it's a big sexy brush!

    I'm all about the shadesticks right now. Hopefully all the hype about how smooth they go on is true, or I won't be a happy bunny. xxx