Friday, 6 March 2009

What the...?

Cross-posted from my main "personal" blog. When I started this second blog, it was specifically for health and beauty and makeup, but I'll probably have some personal updates going on too. The only problem is, if I combine the two themes into one blog, then I only really need one. So, we'll see. I'll probably keep the random, big news, or funny stuff here and keep the mundane day-to-day "so at work I did this and this" kind of stuff to my other blog. I'm rambling already and this is just a copy-paste entry. I have skill.

Anyway, onto the topic of this post...

I dream the most ridiculous crap sometimes.

First of all, about an hour after falling asleep last night, I started dreaming that someone was pounding loudly but slowly and persistently on my front door, demanding to be let in. I went to hide somewhere in the house so whoever it was - who clearly didn't want anything nicey-nice - wouldn't know I was home. The pounding actually woke me up and for a while I was convinced that my subconscious had incorporated a real sound into my dream. I pulled out my left earplug and listened for a while, but there was nothing other than the sound of my own pulse pounding in my ears.

So, I put it back in and went back to sleep. And then started to dream that I was having problems with my eyes. My doctor gave me some special contact lenses to wear and then told me to listen to a particular Britney Spears CD to stop the swelling.

Yes. Read that again. That's right.

I have no idea, it makes no sense to me either, but in the dream I was trawling a store trying to find this record, and then picked up two awesome hardcover books that were some kind of dark fiction, and the cover art was like Tim Burton's brand of stop-motion animation (think The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, and Coraline. I *know* Tim Burton wasn't involved in Coraline BUT it's the same "feel" since it was the producer of TNBC so shut up).

Yeah, I was a bit weirded out.

So now I'm just waiting for a confirmation email telling me my MAC Online UK order has been dispatched. Whoo.

OH, yeah. I had other biggish news.

The night before last my aunt had a phone call from my granny. I have a second cousin (my grandmother's sister's son) who has Down's Syndrome, and he lives in a care unit and spends weekends at "home" with his mom and dad, my great-aunt and -uncle. Well apparently there was some kind of fire in their main building, and the place is not habitable at all right now. They don't know yet whether any of the things in his living area are salvageable, but hopefully they'll find out soon. LUCKILY, nobody was hurt and everyone got out. My cousin is staying with my grandmother for the next few days until his parents come back home - they're away in Iman until Tuesday. So yeah, thank god everyone is okay.

It's still bad because... well lots of damage. And they can't move back in, and my cousin, he was really settled there, and now he's going to have to start all over again in a new place, and it'll take him a while to adjust. And he can't just stay at home, because my great-aunt and -uncle are in their seventies: not happening. Anyway I'll keep you all posted, and will do another makeup update when I get home. If I get time I'll upload a video review for my Blemish Balm. AND upload all the friggin' pictures I still need to add to all my previous entries.

So far, as a beauty blogger, I totally suck.

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