Thursday, 5 March 2009

Apparently I'm a very suspicious young lady

So, MAC appears to think I'm a fraudster using stolen bank details haha.

They finally just called me back thank goodness.

It was what I figured it was... they thought I was a fraudster because I placed three orders that totalled A LOT and had it delivered to a different address from my billing address.

So she asked me what the billing address was and I told her, then she asked me to name some roads around the road my address is on. I floundered a bit, I only know two roads near my house.. one around the corner and the main road. So I told her that and said I don't know the area well because I've lived there less than a year. So she asked how long I've lived there and I told her, but I explained that I live with family and we take the car everywhere so I don't need to know road names etc. Sigh.

So then she asked me why I'm delivering it to another address, which is simple. Everyone in my household works full time and nobody is home during the day to accept deliveries - so I get things shipped to my grandmother's house because my grandparents are retired and it's easier for me just to send it to their house. Sigh. THEN she asked for the landline number for my home address, even though she already has my work number and mobile number.

Then she asked "Why have you ordered such large quantities? Is it for personal or business use?" So I had to explain that I wanted the entire HK Collection - which she would know if she'd actually looked at my orders and seen it for herself, it's kind of obvious I'd think. Then she asked why it was in more than one order. Simple - I placed the first order at work in a hurry. Got home late, decided to go ahead and order the rest. Besides they have a maximum order amount and everything I ordered was over that =P

ANYway she's passed it back to their financial department to authorise it, and said they'd get back to me again in case they need any more information.

Got me stressin' because it sounded like she didn't believe me lol. When I said I didn't know the area she sounded like she was all "and why is that!" I'm not from this country, I don't even know road names around the house I grew up in for fourteen years in Canada lol.

Anyway, at least they didn't tell me some of the stuff was unavailable. HOPEfully they'll authorise it and it'll get shipped tomorrow for me. <3 Back to the waiting game.

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