Thursday, 5 March 2009

Phone Tag and The Waiting Game

So, I happened to refresh MAC's UK website yesterday just as the Hello Kitty collection went live. I immediately made a huge order, got my confirmation email at the same time as my notification email telling that it had gone on the website haha.

Then last night I placed another order for a couple other things I wasn't sure whether to buy or not (like the glitter liners and big vanity case). So exciting. My order consists of one of EVERYTHING except the charm bracelet, the plushie, and the tote bag - and two of the Pink Fish lip conditioner.

Well today at lunchtime I checked my mobile phone and I had a missed call from an unknown number at 10:30 this morning, and a voicemail. Called voicemail and it was someone from MAC Online's customer support team saying she needed to talk to me about my order and that it wouldn't be released until I'd spoken to her. Immediately I started thinking, oh god she's going to tell me something's sold out - even though I know I was one of the first to place and order and things weren't flagged as sold out on the site until a half hour after I'd placed my order.

So I called back, left a voicemail on her machine, thinking she was at lunch. I'm obsessed and manic and called back every 5 minutes for two hours, but no answer (no, I'm not a psycho stalker I only left the one voicemail haha).

Around 2 I got fed up and called the main customer services line (rather than just calling her direct extension) and the lady I got through to spoke to someone else in the first lady's team and took my order numbers and said the other person would look into it and call me back. I gave them my work number so I won't miss the call again.

WELL it's been an hour and they haven't called me back yet. I know it's *only* an hour but I'm going to stress until I get everything sorted out. I'm going to give it until 4 and then call back and see if I can tell them to call my mobile number instead, because I'm leaving the office at 4:30 and it would be just my luck that customer services call my desk number at 5:30 when I'm already at home.

So frustrating, I hate playing phone tag. And I'm hoping hoping praying they're just confirming addresses (I get things shipped to a relative in the same city because nobody at my billing address is home to accept deliveries) or just another authorisation because it's such a huge order amount.

Fingers crossed. I'll let you know if/when I hear back!

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