Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A Brief Rant

How much does it suck that the only MAC Pro store in the UK is in London?

I have no idea why suddenly this is irritating me more than usual, but I'm very annoyed right now. Maybe it's because my body is adjusting TERRIBLY to the whole time-change fiasco, that I nearly fell asleep on the bus on the way into work. Not to mention that I bashed the inside of my ankle against the wheel well when I slid into my seat. Sigh. But, as usual, I'm digressing.

I'm just lucky that I've got a friend down south who's willing to CP items from the Pro store for me, otherwise life would be difficult. And I know, I know, you can mail order over the phone. But here's the thing about me - I hate ordering stuff over the phone. I even order my pizza over the internet. Do you seriously expect me to order makeup over the phone? Nevermind the fact that my indecisiveness would have some poor call centre representative on the phone for several hours while I agonized over the decision between three eyeshadows and a lip gloss.

I think MAC should seriously consider setting up another Pro store somewhere a little further north. Like, I don't know, Sheffield for example? Sheffield also desperately needs a standalone store please. Thank you.

On top of that, I just want to tell you all that I am currently in a state of constant irritation and sometimes-agony with my braces. By this point you would think they wouldn't bother me anymore but the past week or so it's really flared up. It probably doesn't help that I fell up the stairs on the weekend and jammed one of my braced-molars, and it's that whole side of my mouth that is constantly throbbing. Sigh. Six weeks today they will be off. Six weeks today and I will be 23 years old. God, I feel so old.

Finally - and this part is in relation to my previous post, whining that I had to cut down my Sugarsweet list due to money having to be diverted elsewhere - it seems that I would actually have enough cash left over for my whole Sugarsweet list. But, I think I might stick to my guns and get the shorter list anyway. I mean I figured, I've managed to cut it down a little bit so clearly the items I've managed to cut out are not essentials anyway.

Yet another mostly-useless blog post. But, there you have it. That's how I feel today.

In other, completely unrelated, news - I'm going to try to get some manner of tutorial up. Maybe my favourite Hello Kitty look? Or something a little more inventive. I'm not sure yet. Once I get some creative juices I'll figure out some tutorials to upload. Whoosh!


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