Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A Very Not-Rare Moment of Indecision

So, I've looked at my payslip on work's HR website. I know what I'm getting and I know what my outgoings are going to be for bills, with money set aside for savings, food, bus fare, etc. If my Sugarsweet shopping list is around £110, I've got about a hundred spare to play around with this month. And I can not make up my mind for the life of me.

Do I buy some basics that I'm after? Like a couple items off my permanent-collection wishlist, or the BBR eyeshadows? Do I buy the Studio Sculpt Concealer I'm after?

Or do I put it aside to buy something from Kitty Kouture when it comes out? Or do I go ahead and buy a couple extras from Sugarsweet?

No... I narrowed down my Sugarsweet list to the things I really want and need. Anything else is superfluous, so I won't do that. But what should I do? Should I get some other items, get the mystery powder from HKK, or just shove it into savings until there's something I really want?

GOD, I suck out loud at making up my mind.

On an unrelated note, I wish MAC made Studio Fix Fluid in an NC10 or something. NC15 is just slightly too dark for me. I love the foundation to bits, but I could do with a shade lighter. Sigh.

Also, I want to appeal to you and ask, what do you think is the best concealer for dark circles? My MAC MA gave me Select Cover-Up in NC20 (which, incidentally, is clearly too dark, but whatever, with foundation on top you can't tell) but I don't think it really covers my dark circles so much as it makes them slightly lighter. That's why I want Studio Sculpt Concealer, for dark circles. Or is there something better that you can suggest?

I'm in the biggest indecisive mood right now, I don't know what to do with myself. I'm supposed to be going to Meadowhall with my aunt on Saturday and I don't know what to do with my Extra Budget. Makeup? A video game? (well, no. I need to play Fallout 3 and Silent Hill Homecoming before I buy MORE) Some stuff from Paperchase? Clothes? Shoes?

I wish I had more money. Thank god for overtime. I should have an extra couple hundred in next month's pay and LORD KNOWS I'm going to need it.


Sorry guys, I'm very disjointed today.

Xoxo, Vix


  1. Write down a list of the thing you think you might want for a week. Leave it for a week then go back to it and see if you're still wanting those things. helps me loads! hope it helps you!

  2. Hey, thanks for the suggestion. That's definitely what I'll do. I'm going to dig up a spreadsheet Want List I did ages ago and going through that to see if anything jumps out that is NEED TO HAVE. =] Thank you! xx